Kit Paulson values working with glass as a sculptural medium for its inherent aesthetic properties – it can be transparent, translucent, shiny, hard, easily broken, etc., as well as for its many historical uses – containers, vessels, lenses, mirrors, etc. She finds constant inspiration in both of the attributes of the material and much of Kit's work process involves using glass in its hot, liquid state. 


"For me the manipulation of hot glass is a joyous exercise of muscle memory, material understanding and instantaneous reaction to the peculiarities of the substance. 


"My recent body of work has been a eulogy for ornament, a testament to generations of human skill. Ornament calls upon the viewer to actively look and see, to get lost in seas of foliage because it is impossible to take in the whole in one glance. I make objects that embody ornament, decoration and detail. Decoration is inherent to the structure of my work, it is built of ornament. I see handmade ornament as the visible accretion of human time. I want the viewer to float, lost in rolling waves of detail and time." – Kit Paulson