Alysia Fischer


Born and raised in Louisville, Kentucky; Fischer discovered her passions for art and archaeology when attending school at Centre College. Summers were spent excavating at the site of Sepphoris in northern Israel while the academic months included working on the glassblowing team of Stephen Rolfe Powell. Alysia went on to attend graduate school and began teaching Anthropology. While teaching at Miami University she also pursued her MFA in studio art. It was at this time that Fischer began utilizing recycled materials in her work. For several years now, Fischer has lived in western North Carolina, working full time on art and research.


I initially began working with recycled materials in order to demonstrate they have a use-life extending beyond their ‘intended’ one. I hoped such works would challenge the viewer to reconsider what they send to landfills and think about whether those objects may have value within another context. Along the way I fell in love with working with rubber and over time, form and methods of construction have come to the forefront."  — Alysia Fischer