North Carolina based studio painter Dana Brown works with encaustic, using beeswax and resin to convey elaborate depictions of botanical scenes, farm equipment, urban backdrops, and other mechanically complex machinery. Utilizing tools designed for ceramists, Brown carves, fills, layers, and fuses the wax, creating areas to be filled with pigment. Her industrial scenes evoke a sense of wonder, guiding the eye through geometrically complex landscapes teeming with rich detail.


"My subjects are often tractors, machines and scenes from industrial sites or railroad yards.  These subjects represent honest, tangible work to me.  A day spent in rhythmic motion whether working on a hay field or operating a machine feels similar to how I spend my days.  I feel a personal connection to the work in front of me and I can look back at what I’ve accomplished while planning my next step for tomorrow.  It’s a clear path that is soothing and I hope my paintings project that feeling.” – Dana Brown