Meg Lagodzki


Artist Meg Lagodzki spends much of her time painting and sketching in the outdoors. In her studio work, she explores these same motifs using acrylic collage, oils and mixed media. The historical use of the landscape in American painting and culture informs Meg’s thinking and ecological concerns. Issues of contemporary land use and changing human attitudes towards the landscape over time influence much of her work.


In a modern world devoid of real wilderness, we turn to the few wild places set aside as special sanctuaries to recreate that communion with totems of the natural world- a spring, a cave, an arch. Often, the most intriguing places are those that have been abandoned and reclaimed by nature. All of these places bring to mind altered states and transitions, and still hold great power in the human imagination.


“My work always starts with direct observation. Whether painting in the field or in the studio, I am looking to slow down and capture moments of awe and mystery.” – Meg Lagodzki


Meg lives with her family in the woods just outside of Bloomington, IN.