Ann Harwell


Ann Harwell re-creates the natural world in extremely detailed tapestries, which combine geometric, abstract patterns with representational images. Composed of hundreds of tiny pieces of jewel-colored and patterned fabrics, her quilts include works based on outer space, astral phenomena, people, and landscapes inspired by gardens and arboretums. She transforms nature and galaxies into Cubist compositions of prismatic and fractured planes, enlivening the surfaces of her quilts with a mesmerizing sense of motion.


“My work communicates ideas, expresses feelings and tells stories. I especially want to unite and enhance diverse fabric designs and colors with intricate, precision piecing and exorbitant quilting and all the while weaving a subtle sermon on the things that delight and confound me.” – Ann Harwell 


Harwell works out of her home studio outside of Raleigh, North Carolina. Her work has been displayed in several US Embassies, and she has won numerous national and international awards for her quilts including 1st place award for the National Juried Show in Knoxville, Tennessee, a Gold Award from the Quilt Nihon in Tokyo, Japan, and 1st place in Handcrafted quilts from the Imperial Centre in Rocky Mount to only name a few.