Elevating the Arts in Asheville

Luxe Lifestyle Magazine
October 11, 2020

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From the article:

In 2017 Ahlers took the leap and opened his own gallery in downtown Asheville. Regarding his newest venture, Momentum Gallery, Ahlers comments,"I wanted to continue to raise the bar for the local art scene and provide a venue that introduces museum-quality work from around the country while simultaneously showcasing the best of this region. We are passionate about elevating the Asheville community as an Arts Destination, propelling our artists' careers, and promoting their work to national and international audiences." Momentum Gallery presents a highly-curated collection of some of the finest artwork being made in the country. Ahlers says impeccable craftsmanship plays a role in the works he selects, as the gallery celebrates material-based traditions rich in the area and reflects a contemporary aesthetic in harmony with natural surroundings. 

Momentum Gallery currently features about forty artists' work, several of whom Ahlers has worked with for nearly twenty years.  "It's a privilege to have that kind of longevity with an artist, to witness larger arcs in their career or see a relationship between ideas they're working through now and something they may have explored a decade or more ago."  

Ahlers cites the collection at Momentum is constantly evolving with incoming works, curated exhibitions which typically run for two months, visiting artists, and more.  The gallery offers considerable diversity, showing paintings, original prints, sculpture (both wall-mounted and freestanding), and unique studio furniture pieces. 


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