Amy Gross Debuts Sculptural Stereoscopes

Work featured in Create! Magazine
June 25, 2021

Amy Gross' extraordinary fiber and mixed media sculptures are getting some nice exposure in the current issue of Create! Magazine. 


Create! Magazine #25, Special Edition Women's Issue 2021


Gross also just debuted work she’s been making during the pandemic – a collection of stereoscopic photographs with beautiful, hand-constructed viewers! This project was facilitated with an Artist Innovation Fellowship through the Cultural Council of Palm Beach County.



“My stereoscopic photographs allow my artwork to do things that they cannot do in real life, that they could only do in my imagination. My sculptures are conglomerations of my encounters with living things, filtered through my experiences and recreated as invented plants and animals and fungi. I want them to seem alive but clearly not be, presented in clean white spaces like artifacts.



I have simultaneously wanted to create backstories for each, to imagine them in equally invented habitats, environments made up of bits and pieces of disparate elements. Through digitally altered photographs, a suburban park turns into a wilderness; a Frisbee golf course trail becomes the deep woods. Because I’ve been sensitized by a once-in-a-century pandemic, they now suggest the mutability of life, of symbiosis and the inevitability of transmission.



"The fellowship has made it possible for me to finally have the time and resources to make real an idea I have been wanting to work on for years, and the ability to work with others to make it possible. It lets the project become a priority at last.”


Look for Amy Gross’ out-of-this-world stereoscopes to be available through Momentum Gallery soon.  Please contact us if you’d like to be notified when the works are available for purchase. 

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