John Cleaveland – Gallery Visit – Friday, July 9, 2021

Gallery Visit and Recent Acquisitions
June 20, 2021
MOMENTum gallery welcomes JOHN L. CLEAVELAND, JR. 
at 52 Broadway, Friday, July 9 from 5-7 pm.


Contemporary realist John Cleaveland will be on hand to talk about his artistic practice and the places that have inspired his dramatic oil paintings over the past three decades. The gallery has a selection of recent works on display and available for purchase. Stop by and find out what's on the horizon for this notable southern artist. 



John L. Cleaveland, Jr. has been working on two commissioned pieces of Georgia native plants to be part of the permanent collection of the State Botanical Garden. The pair of large-scale oil paintings are now installed at the Porcelain and Decorative Arts Museum at the Center for Art and Nature. Cleaveland's two large-scale oil paintings, Delicate Balance and Resilience and Flow, Anthony Shoals, Broad River, GA, each measure 49 x 97 inches.  The landscape paintings focus on the habitats of two critically endangered wildflower species included on the State Heritage List - the Shoals Spider Lily and the Smooth Coneflower. The artist comments, "I hope to capture a piece of the viewer's heart and to create a longing or connection that wasn't there before. Because not only are these places beautiful and peaceful, they are also vital pieces of the environment."



The Asheville Art Museum recently acquired a significant oil by John Cleaveland for their permanent collection. An iconic southern scene - the painting features a railroad track in perspective, and like many of Cleaveland's incredible paintings, it looks as if you could walk right into it.  


Cleaveland has exhibitions scheduled with the Morris Museum, Augusta, GA (2022) and the Huntsville Museum of Art, Huntsville, AL (2023).  We will be sharing more information as time goes on and you may aways check on the museums' websites for specific details.  


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