Thankful For You

November 25, 2021
As the fire flickers and crackles in the family room and orange leaves flutter by the window, we sit in gratitude recalling memories of the past year. All of us experienced transformation in 2021 and Momentum certainly felt a big shift. We moved our downtown Asheville art gallery to 52 Broadway Street and saw tremendous growth in so many ways.
Reminding ourselves that this is only possible with our wonderful community of artists, friends, and supporters, we reflect on the tremendous appreciation we have for each of you. Our stable of artists grew and they have created amazing works for us to share with visitors, both tourists and locals. The support of our collectors helps our family, our artists, and our community thrive. Momentum has created a reputation for excellence in the contemporary art world in a very short time – and that is THANKS TO YOU! You have attended artist talks, brought your friends to visit, liked us on Facebook, followed us on Instagram, and your purchases have supported our roster of artists and our family-owned business. Thank you for this opportunity. We are grateful for you on Thanksgiving and every day of the year.
Wishing you a happy and healthy holiday season!
With gratitude,
Jordan & Shifra Ahlers (and family)

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