Sandy Rothberg


Sandy Rothberg's contemplative and focused photos freeze and transcend time.  Using a camera from the early 20th century provides a sense of antiquity while his subjects inspire a special attention to nature existing both then and now.  Though taken more recently, the subjects could have existed at any point in time; the Kodak Box Camera takes modern imagery and transcends them into a timelessness that encourages reflection.


"While the box camera images deeply inform my current work, the addition of color and the effects of using (and misusing) electronic shutters add depth and meaning to the pictures.  Modern electronic shutters scan the incoming image in much the same way as a television screen image is created, albeit at a much higher resolution. Using long exposure times and occasionally moving the camera during exposure results in pictures that transcend what the eye sees in the “real world”  and allows the viewer to attach meaning.”" – Sandy Rothberg