Sandy Rothberg

Sandy Rothberg's contemplative and focused photos freeze and transcend time.  Using a camera from the early 20th century provides a sense of antiquity while his subjects inspire a special attention to nature existing both then and now.  Though taken more recently, the subjects could have existed at any point in time; the Kodak Box Camera takes modern imagery and transcends them into a timelessness that encourages reflection.


"My love for making photographs began in a darkroom in Bemidji, Minnesota during the summer of 1959.  I have been enchanted by the art and the science of photography from that day to this. This work began when I rediscovered a Kodak Box Camera from the 1930’s. It is the camera I used to photograph my graduate thesis in 1974.  One year following my graduation, Kodak announced that they would discontinue manufacturing film in the size this camera uses.  That year I purchased, and have carefully stored, several hundred rolls of that film.  Last winter, I began to again use that camera and film.  These pictures are the result of that ongoing effort." – Sandy Rothberg