Joseph Hart is a Brooklyn, NY based painter, drawer, and printmaker.  Hart's working process often begins on the floor working with unconventional drawing materials, charcoal attached to a stick or paint from a cup.  Hart sees marks as fluid, often cutting parts off of one work and moving them to another.  This organic development of a piece keeps the artist engaged and unattached to a set plan for a work.  It is important for Hart that a work arrive at a place where it is "balanced but also a little off, aware of its imperfections and operates as allegories for the complexities of life."


Hart began working with master printer Phil Sanders in 2007 on intaglio prints of which the two have completed nine editioned works and a two suites of monotypes to date.  Hart has a particular affinity with printmaking as it lends itself quite well to his working process.  Hart loves to add a few details by hand to each editioned work after printing is completed.  This last touch means a great deal to him, as surface quality and the presence of the artist are extremely important to Hart and his work.


Joseph Hart has a robust studio practice and international exhibition record yet still finds time to produce the podcast Deep Color, an independent oral history project that features artists and arts professionals discussing their work, ideas and lives. Deep Color™ has participated in public programming at On Air Fest, The Armory Show, and New Art Dealers Alliance (NADA).


Hart received a BFA in studio art from the Rhode Island School of Design and has works in the collections of the RISD Museum, San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, Davis Museum at Wellesley College and The Metropolitan Museum of Art.  Hart is included in the publication, Prints and Their Makers, by Princeton Architectural Press.