Exterior Artwork at 52 Broadway

Hoss Haley, Samantha Bates, Casey Roberts
March 2, 2021

Momentum Gallery displays some incredible work within its space.  The move to 52 Broadway allows us the opportunity to share artwork on the exterior of the building as well.  Recently, Hoss Haley installed a 9 x 10 foot Stainless Ripple on the front of the building along Broadway. Jordan Ahlers comments, "We wanted an iconic sculptural piece on the exterior of our building to offer passersby a taste of what lies within."



Haley's perforated stainless-steel Ripple explores ideas of movement, fluidity, and transparency – a remarkable achievement for a piece made of steel. Ahlers continues, "I love the simplicity and symbolism of the ripple. (A Ripple) speaks to movement and effect; it is timeless and remains one of Hoss' most recognizable forms." A Ripple from Haley's White Series is in the permanent collection of The Mint Museum in Charlotte. "I like how its concentric rings offer a focal point to our façade (in addition to our spectacular front windows). I've been blown away by the transparent effect Hoss achieved by making this piece from perforated stainless steel – it adds another dimension to the piece being able to see through it to the brick!  I hope viewers enjoy discovering interesting architecture, sculpture, and murals as part of the rich and unique experience that is downtown Asheville." 



Hoss Haley is a renowned sculptor from Western North Carolina. His large-scale sculptures were acquired recently by Charlotte's Mint Museum and Raleigh's North Carolina Museum of Art. He is also the artist behind a pair of major works in downtown Asheville: the Pack Place fountain, made of bronze and stone, and the stainless steel pergola in front of City Hall, both of which draw inspiration from the landscape surrounding Asheville.



Casey Roberts, 2021


Additional outdoor artworks will be added by Momentum Gallery over the coming weeks. The building's south side will soon be graced by a stunning new cyanotype painting by Casey Roberts, and another side will feature nearly 1200 square feet of murals by one of the gallery's stellar emerging artists, Samantha Bates, later this spring. Bates has a solo exhibition of her paintings and textile works on display for the new gallery's opening.





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