Pam Longobardi - The Drifter's Project

Exhibition at 24 N Lexington Ave through January 31, 2019
October 21, 2018


Ocean plastic recovered from international waters, 99 x 88 inches


Pam Longobardi's The Drifter's Project, was recently installed at Momentum Gallery's 24 N Lexington Avenue location, as part of photo+sphere (November 7-11)an Asheville city-wide event focusing on how we see the environment and the role humans play in determining the future of our planet. This innovative festival features nationally known speakers, panelists, exhibitions, films, and special projects at venues throughout Asheville, NC. ( The solo exhibition is a powerful statement and will run though January 31, 2019. 

 Pam Longobardi, BROKEN BOATS, Archival pigment print , 27 x 40 inches

Longobardi's exhibition is an emotional response to her work cleaning plastic out of ocean waters worldwide. Her installations speak to the environmental devastation that plastic and other pollutants make on our world. As a scientist, Pam logs her excursions and photographs to catalog her experience.These photos are presented, in addition to her large scale art installations, to demonstrate her findings. 


18 flags made from recovered life vests from Lesvos, Greece; thread and wood

Pam comments: "I was trained as a painter and printmaker, and continue this in my studio practice, but have always worked in varying mediums from photography to painting and collage to installation, allowing the ideas to dictate the materials I work with.  I am interested in the collision between nature and global consumer culture. Ocean plastic is a material that can unleash unpredictable dynamics.  I am interested in it in particular, as opposed to all garbage in general, because of what it reveals about us as a global culture and what it reveals about the ocean as a type of cultural space, as well as a giant dynamic engine of life and change." 

 Pam Longobardi, ISLAND REFUGE VII, Defunct & devalued currency collage and paint, 13 x 16 inches


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Jordan Ahlers


We need to stop thinking about it and doing something about it,by getting active.. I'm there with you.

Mike Hayes
27 January 2019

I love this show even with the sad reality that we are without much thought polluting the water, land and sky of the the world we rely on for our well being. Shows like this help us change our minds about our role in changing the fate of the earth for our children.

Lisa Morphew
28 December 2018

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