Ceramicist Ani Kasten’s work is inspired by both natural phenomena and geological imagery. Through wheel-throwing and hand-building techniques Kasten explores the materiality of clay, utilizing stoneware, porcelain and locally sourced wild clays. She views the merging of these materials as an investigation – bringing light to the ever-changing nature of relationships.


“My intent is to investigate relationships, and the nature of change—our actions as human beings as we form relationships, make, build, and construct the world around us, in harmony or disharmony with the natural processes of eroding, cracking, shifting and changing shape. My pieces possess a ‘hereditary memory’ in their obscured reference to utilitarian vessels and other artifacts that once had a purpose, now buried, lost and eroded by time.” – Ani Kasten


Kasten lives in Shafer, Minnesota, on a small farm with a house and barn where her studio and showroom are located. She continues to exhibit her work nationally and internationally in galleries and fine craft exhibitions.