Sara Sanders is a painter, drawer, and printmaker based in Asheville, North Carolina.  Sanders' years working in the high-end interior design industry in New York City and San Francisco designing furniture, specifying fabrics, wallpaper, tiles, lighting, and finishes honed an eye for the details that matter visually and are integral to the quality of lived experience. 


"I believe that the domestic objects with which we spend our lives retain traces of our histories and tell stories about our past.  In my work, I strive to capture the personality and potential inherent in the objects of our everyday lives.  I view these objects as participants in the narrative of our lives, as characters with personalities and proclivities that reveal themselves through time.


"I isolate the plants and objects that become my subjects on their own stage because I want to enable the viewer to paint the narrative context in their own imagination, much as your imagination colors in the details as you read a good book.  I strive to transport the viewer to that hopeful place in their imagination where anything is possible and everything is about to happen."


Sanders' work has been exhibited nationally and internationally and is contained in the collections of: The Metropolitan Museum of Art, NY; Library of Congress, Washington, DC; New York Public Library; RISD Museum; Christie's Education; Fidelity Investments; and Hess Inc. among others.  Sanders received a BFA in studio Art- focus printmaking, BA in Sociology, and a minor in Art History from the University of Florida.  Sanders' work is also included in the recent publication, Prints and Their Makers, by Princeton Architectural Press, and has had graphic works published by Forth Estate, Brooklyn, NY; Robert Blackburn Printmaking Workshop, NY, NY; Flying Horse Editions, Orlando, FL; David Krut Workshop, Johannesburg, SA/New York City.