Stonis Collective


The Stonis Collective is the father and son collaborative design partnership of Richard and Luke Stonis. Together, they draw from over 50 years of professional practice in the fields of architecture, design, engineering, product development, and manufacturing to create work with a unique vision honed by experience, application, and knowledge balanced by their complementary skill sets and perspectives.


“Our designs are inspired by the beauty of the wood and its limitless organic surprises. It is, however, our respect for the discipline of balance between the imperfections in nature and the perfection of today’s industrial manufacturing potential that reflect our distinctive vision and artisan touch. It is this intersection of traditional artisan craftsmanship with modern manufacturing and technological capabilities that is the defining hallmark of our work. Our journey of application, knowledge and experience influences our art, enabling us to deliver objects of inspiration, beauty and joy.” 

–Richard and Luke Stonis