Alli Hoag's artistic practice is concerned with themes of magic. Seeing magic as the desire to connect with the world outside of our perceptual and cognitive abilities, she attempts to create moments where one can believe that distance is overcome. She works across mediums of glass to investigate this uniquely human desire, and to reveal the simultaneous lightness and heaviness that is created when the imagined or invisible is brought into reality.


"Through the process of making, I see the forms I create become artifacts of a desire to connect. Forms become vehicles that transform my experience into personal myth. I form with this lexicon of symbols to gain a greater vantage point, a greater perspective to see the connections that exist between the self and other. As I labor these longings into the physical world, they reveal the hand; the hand that endeavors to manifest creations that can fly on their own, yet too afraid to let a hold of them." – Alli Hoag