Samantha Bates: solo exhibition

30 August - 31 October 2018

Momentum Gallery is thrilled to debut a collection of new mixed media paintings and textile works by Samantha Bates. Bates’ contemporary landscapes are inspired by her time in wilderness areas, largely in her home state of Washington. Through meticulous mark making and patterning, thousands of dashes and dots emerge into imagery of forests and water on the surface of Bates’ unstretched and primed canvases. The artist’s wall-mounted textile works are sculptural constructions with imagery of sky or trees developing out of sections of expressive marks she makes by ‘drawing’ with a sewing machine, embroidering, and weaving. Like the works in Transformation, Bates’ art explores and honors the natural world. “My paintings study the meeting of different forms of nature,” she says. “Intertwining trees basking in the heavy winter air, the way light warms sand, or knotted roots revealed and faded...”


We are delighted to mention Samantha Bates will be traveling from Washington state to attend the exhibition's opening reception, Thursday, August 30th.