Hillary Waters Fayle & Ivy Jacobsen

8 September - 12 November 2022
About her Botanical Mandalas and Botanical Blueprints, Hillary Waters Fayle comments, "collected botanical material is meticulously dried and preserved, then arranged on and adhered to acrylic. Each leaf is placed with careful consideration in an intricate pattern, referencing the inherent patterns underlying everything in the natural world – echoed in our own lived experiences, and the interconnectivity of all things." The collection at Momentum this fall also includes recent works from the artist's ongoing series of leaves and flower petals transformed through incising, arranged into thoughtful compositions, and hand-embroidered with geometric and floral patterns. 
Ivy Jacobsen's paintings depict a wondrous world with meadows of diverse and fantastical plants and flowering trees laden with blooms. An eye for silhouette, combined with a refined sensibility for using texture and color emotively, defines Jacobsen's playful style. The artist creates depth and atmosphere through a complex layering process, providing a space within the works for viewers to explore.  Jacobsen comments, "While I often times have a loose idea of the direction I'd like to go when starting a painting, it is very much through the process of working that the art informs and reveals itself. It is a balance of source materials coming directly from my observations of nature and intuitive mark making. The act of painting is meditative and it brings me a great sense of peace. It is my hope that this feeling radiates out of the work into the viewer."


Momentum Gallery is proud to share this collection of recent works by two contemporary artists deeply inspired by the natural world.  Both Fayle and Jacobsen present botanical subjects in a way that is fresh and exciting.  The exhibition opens Thursday, September 8 and continues through Saturday, November 12.