Hillary Waters Fayle


The delicate work of Hillary Waters Fayle pairs detailed hand-embroidering or hand-incising with found botanical elements, such as leaves, acorns, or seedpods. There is an intimacy and tenderness to her work - beauty in the simplicity of combining hand craft with organic material in nature. 


“I want to salvage and revive our connection to the natural world. I study rich hand craft traditions, using them in collaboration with found botanical and organic material. In this way, I symbolically bind nature and the human touch. Both tender and ruthless, this intricate and sensitive work implies that our relationship to nature is both tenuously fragile and infinitely complex.


"There is so much to be said for the beauty of simplicity. When I make art, I strive to let the materials speak for themselves; sing their own praise. The natural objects I use catch my eye or my heart because they are already exquisite and unique. In transforming these objects, I’m always trying to augment and interact with the details I find most essential, never overpowering them."

– Hillary Waters Fayle