Growing up in the south of France, Gil was immersed in Europe’s rich cultural atmosphere. Supported and encouraged by his family and teachers as a young artist, Bruvel was free to follow and express his vision. Overflowing with a boundless sense of curiosity, self-discovery, and creative drive, he continues his intellectual and emotional adventure, constantly exploring new creative methods and tools. Bruvel’s visions are rooted in his training but shine brilliant with his growth as an artistic revolutionary.  He has exhibited in solo and group shows internationally including at the Musée des Baux-de-Provence, France, and at the Pageant of the Masters, Laguna Beach, CA.  He has also won numerous awards and honors such as the Public Prize, at the International Juried Sculpture Competition, Australia and ‘Best in Show’ at the Farmington Museum, New Mexico.


"When I was a young artist, it was all about the impulse, instincts, the single-minded vision to create something mostly from feelings and images popping into my mind. The inspiration is in the constant discovery of the infinite layers of my surroundings. This extends to include everything from the structure of a blade of grass, to the depths of our universe. If there is an intention to understand and completely open oneself up to what is being observed, then patterns start to define themselves and intuitively assemble into interesting pieces of artwork.” - Gil Bruvel