Paul Sattler’s imaginative and figurative paintings, drawings, prints and other two-dimensional art forms play out through vibrant colors and theatrical scenes. Drawing upon color theory and surrealism for inspiration, his works encourage questioning of one’s own reality. Paul received his MFA from Indiana University, Bloomington and BFA from the Art Institute of Chicago.  Previously a professor of art at Boston University, Sattler is now Director of the Schick Art Gallery and Associate Professor Art at Skidmore College, where he has taught since 1998. 


“The functions of my animals are many: beasts of burden, victims of ridicule, fantastical visions, mythical beings, and stand-ins for human emotions, predicaments, and phobias. While striving to avoid the moralizing lessons of traditional fables, many of the narratives are personalized imagery inspired by a variety of literary sources including Grimm Brothers tales, E. T. A. Hoffmann and the vast legacy of children’s literature.  But primary roots of inspiration reveal themselves when I am not looking for them – such as when I feel a charge coming from the presence of an animal in works of adult literature such as Hermann Hesse, Nelson Algren, James Joyce, Balzac, Poe, among others." - Paul Sattler