Bill Hall's minimalist intaglio prints and collaged prints are tonal studies in contrast of darks and lights in geometric grids or in linear patterns that subtly reference and pay homage to the aesthetics of Barnett Newman. As master intaglio printer at Pace Editions in New York for almost thirty years, Bill collaborated on hundreds of print editions and worked with many well-known artists, including Helen Frankenthaler, Jim Dine, Chuck Close, Mary Heilmann, Robert Mangold and James Turrell.


“Contrary to a lot of minimalist art, I am not reaching for pure abstraction. Instead, I pose questions about reality with contrasts, random design, movement, and ambiguities. In my work, flat shapes move in or out of the picture plane. Surfaces are stained and scarred, as if seen from a topographical viewpoint. I often use grids to establish order, then employ random means, like the throw of dice, to bring tension and disorder."


Bill Hall retired from Pace Editions in 2015 to live and work in North Carolina.