Michael Enn Sirvet


The architectonic sculpture of Michael Enn Sirvet is comprised of seemingly infinite, yet precisely-placed holes and divots in materials such as metal, hardwood and plastic. Recently, he has begun to explore working with clay, stone, and paper, as well. Michael's pieces are inspired from his many years' previous work as a structural engineer for leading firms in D.C., and his overflowing fascination with science, the arts, nature, and the patterns that bind them together.


"My sculptures are a balance of negative and positive space; I sculpt as much with my materials as I do with the air and light flowing around and through them. Inspired by the geometry that is inherent within the chaos of nature, and the technology and industry which I use to mimic them, I create archetypal structures which are at once static and dynamic, organic and industrial, intricate yet tranquil." – Michael Enn Sirvet


Michael Enn Sirvet lives and works in Washington, D.C.