Garry Knox Bennett (1934–2022)


Garry Knox Bennett  (1934-2022) is widely acknowledged as a master in the world of furniture making.  As a designer and craftsman, he played an influential role in liberating American studio furniture from the constraints of conventional practices and expectations.  Garry taught and lectured extensively in the US as well as in Canada, Australia, and the UK. He received the 2004 Award of Distinction from The Furniture Society and is honored as Fellow of the American Craft Council.  His work is represented in many private collections as well as the Boston Museum of Fine Arts, the Mint Museum of Art + Design, NC, the Museum of Art and Design, NY, Montreal Museum of Art, San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, and Smithsonian American Art Museum.


"Visual excitement is a large part of what I try to incorporate into my work. I tend to employ a broad range of diverse material often incorporating found or re-purposed objects. This diversity allows me to select successful elements that will serve to resolve issues (with design and composition) that can occur as a piece evolves." – Garry Knox Bennett