Christian Burchard


Christian Burchard enjoys taking risks with his art and uses green, unpredictable wood to create forms that warp and twist as they dry. Burchard’s material of choice is Pacific madrone burl, which changes as it dries. This process makes his final form unique from other wood sculptures and nearly impossible to replicate.


"I have been working with wood for most of my life. We are comfortable with each other, have a close relationship and I value the connection immensely. I am curious what is inside, how it works. At times, I am awed by its beauty and the story of its history – the tracks that the passing of time have left. I am driven to expose this beauty, to make it shine. At other times I am more fascinated with its inner structure, its more subtle form and spirit.” — Christian Burchard


Born and raised in Hamburg, Germany, Christian Burchard now lives and works in Southern Oregon.