The expertly detailed wood sculptures of Ron Layport are not assemblages – each is sculpted from a single piece of wood. Working directly from sustainably sourced fresh cut local hardwoods, Ron first turns the logs on the lathe, then sculpts and finishes the pieces by hand over a period of months. What may have begun as an eighty-pound cross-section of tree is reduced to a beautifully finessed vessel weighing less than two pounds by the time it goes to the pedestal.


"The instinct to make objects that address our connection to Earth, and to the creatures with whom we share this planet, is as timely today as it is timeless. Animal effigy figures have inspired utilitarian and ceremonial objects since the earliest forms of human expression. I’m simply bringing my own voice to this ongoing dialog.


"Working with wooden bowl and vessel forms provides a universal familiarity or jumping-off point from which I am able to express more complex themes and images. Extensive sculpting, texturing and color work speak of decisions made and hopefully enhance the connection between maker and viewer. Much of my self remains with each piece.” – Ron Layport