Seattle-based sculptor Michael Alm forms lifelike animal sculptures from carved and shaved wood, often adding realistic features such as glass eyes to complete the anatomical studies.  His sculptures take cues from scientific models, and taxidermy dioramas, and extrapolate what makes the forms dynamic, interesting, and informative.  Alm started his career as a studio assistant for Dale Chihuly installing glass chandeliers in museums, public spaces, and private homes. Since 2014, has worked out of his studio creating his pieces.   Alm's work has been featured in a number of nationally recognized collections including the Bellevue Art Museum, Washington.  Alm holds a BFA in sculpture from Washington University in St. Louis and currently lives and works in Seattle, Washington.


"I aspire to capture the essence of the creatures I sculpt, much as the early naturalists sought to document and preserve ideal animal forms.  I research intensely, drawing from antiquated texts, natural history collections, and anatomy studies.  I am fascinated with the anatomy and function of biological systems and the translation of that function to aesthetic forms." - Michael Alm