Jim Sams’ carved and painted wood sculptures are of everything from delicate wild orchids to hummingbirds with a realism that is nothing less than extraordinary.  He has been fascinated with the intricately detailed patterns found in nature all his life.  Jim is self-taught, and over his career his work has evolved from a traditional woodcarving to a style to one that is exceptionally his own. He has spent hours in the forest studying and sketching the various species of birds and wildflowers in the Appalachian region. Jim’s patience and artistic skill bring extraordinary results from the wood, and his carvings capture, the ephemeral beauty and essence of his subjects.


“Using this pride and devotion as the backbone of my work professionally since 1979, I have continued to refine my own technique through the years. Though I strive for improvement every day while creating artwork, my goal has remained the same for over thirty years -- to capture and "freeze in time" the fleeting beauty of my natural surroundings.” – Jim Sams