Allison May Kiphuth


Artist and nature enthusiast, Allison May Kiphuth, captures scenes inspired by her local surroundings of Maine and New Hampshire’s coastal environments.  Each hand-cut layer details these dramatic and contemplative scenes and move from the background to the foreground in a gradation of hues, from translucent to vivid.  The content of each artwork varies from piece to piece from underwater scenes of sea life, to magical micro worlds populated by forest creatures. She currently lives and works out of Maine.


"I have always experienced my greatest joy and curiosity during time spent in wilderness areas. Through a detail- and time-intensive process of drawing, painting, cutting paper, and layering, my hope is to convey that joy and to draw attention to the resplendence and fragility of the natural world. As an avid, lifelong nature enthusiast, I find that this meditative practice of homage to the landscapes I love is one of the things that most fuels my sense of urgency in the matters of conservation and the threat we pose to the environment.” - Allison May Kiphuth