Cristina Córdova

The sculptures of Cristina Córdova have a bold, complex and sophisticated presence - unafraid to meet the viewer's gaze directly. Córdova's fascination with and gravitation toward depicting the human figure is derived, in part, from her being a dancer for many years and using body gesture as a form of communication. She also has been strongly influenced by the powerful iconography of the Catholic church that was a part of her upbringing in Puerto Rico.

"Through my work, I seek to generate figurative compositions that explore the boundary between the material driven, sensorial experience of an object and the psychological resonance of our involuntary dialogues with the self-referential.


"I am driven by the primal act of imbuing an inanimate representation with a sense of presence, transforming it into the inspired repository of our deepest longings and aspirations. My goal is to have these compositions perform both as reflections of our shared humanity as well as question socio-cultural notions of gender, race, beauty and power." – Cristina Córdova